Women Unite!

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I’ve been holding this back all week, but I just have to share because I had a conversation this week that I can’t stop thinking about.
Fellow women, why are women’s procedures still stuck basically in the dark ages given all the advances in medicine and science? Seriously, if a man was having any sort of procedure “down there” (or anywhere frankly), they would receive pain killers, practically put under, but if a woman has flesh taken out from the same area, the doc says “take a couple of aspirin or Motrin before you come in” and they pretend it’s not going to hurt like hell. 
And then they have the nerve to say something stupid like “now you’re going to feel a little pinch” or “you’re going to feel a little cramping”. 

Seriously???!! What effing pinch have you experienced that made your knees buckle and the pain went on for three days? 

And then “ok, now we’re going to do that one more time.” Yes, please do. 

WTF people, seriously?

They of course don’t tell you what’s coming because they know you probably wouldn’t show up if they did, but since when is it necessary to cut out even a small piece of meat out of anywhere never mind your “million dollar area without even a little numbing or something? 


Why do we women accept this crap?

I guess they figure any group of people that can put up with the monthly “miracle” (not my phrasing, I assure you), yearly poking and prodding since puberty that would make any guy cry, and can produce a child the size/weight bowling ball from an opening that starts out so small, that they somehow enjoy and SHOULD endure all pain cold turkey. 😡

And we’re stupid enough to keep showing up for this shit.

I tell you what, doesn’t encourage trust and/or returning the next time.

And yet, Friday is the day I have to return for more. Gee, I can’t wait. 

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