What makes you feel better when you’re sick?

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For some people, chicken noodle soup is their go-to when they’re sick. I admit to loving it too, but only home made, and not as much as two other favorites:

1. Tom Kaa Kai (chicken in coconut milk soup, which I learned how to make while I was in Thailand (a beautiful slightly spicy, comforting soup that has herbs that naturally help heal and the chilis provide all the day’s vitamin b).

2. What my brother David has come to call “Felicia’s Favorite Squash Soup”. A blend of winter squashes, with more comforting spices, a hint of tang (a splash of lime juice), and topped of with wilted spinach.

Thankfully, I had stowed away the second in my freezer, and I found it earlier this week. Every time I have either of these soups, I remember just how much I love them. And, I think about my dear family and smile. Every time I eat the soup dedicated to my dearest sister-in-law, I feel embraced by both David and Felicia (the kids, and mom and dad), and it’s a way to bring us closer together despite thousands of miles between us. 

Do you love soup? Both of these recipes will be added to the blog site soon!

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