Vocal Pause

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So I’m not sure if I mentioned, but my doc got sick of seeing me (that’s my guess, not what she said), so she put me on a steroidal inhaler in attempts of getting rid of this stupid cough once and for all. I told her I was trying to rid myself of chemicals. Her response? Sometimes you need the help.
I haven’t been on a steroidal inhaler since my recovery from living downwind of the burning WTC after 9/11. My poor lungs.
But I have to admit, it’s helping my lungs heal a little at a time (I’m not thrilled she’s made it clear she wants me on it for a while – 11 refills (ugh). 
The catch? Yeah, it’s ripping up my vocal chords. I’m hoarse all the time. I forgot about this. I guess it’s a “good thing” I’m not singing much anymore…lessen the damage. Bad enough the way it is. By the time I get home from work, I almost have no voice left. 
I miss singing. 
I’m looking forward to the results of the air quality test too. Come to find out, we’re in the oldest section of the building, and when you look at the vents, they’re all covered in black God-only-knows-what in our suite. I wonder how long the results will take and then how long to remediate whatever it is.

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