The Art of the Green Card

By : | 0 Comments | On : May 30, 2016 | Category : Immigration/Naturalization, Random Thoughts

Well, I can finally say we’re out of Immigration Hell for a couple of years – Naqeeb FINALLY got notification that he’s been approved for permanent residency! Yes, one year almost to the day, he’s finally legal. What a relief! This last two years has been, as you can imagine, some two of the most stressful years of my life for sure, most likely his too. My health has sucked, the job has been more than stressful, and then to throw in all the immigration woes, distance, turmoil, moves, lack of work for him, it all piles up. Thankfully, we have stayed strong together during this time and come out on top.

Thanks to everyone who’s supported us and kept us positive despite all the challenges! We’re looking forward to being able to travel back to Pakistan soon for our wedding with his family, to explore on vacation with each other overseas, and to generally have some fun now that we can put all this stress behind us.

Love to everyone!

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