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As you know, I’m always messing around in the kitchen, and looking for delicious and healthy recipes. We rarely eat out (I mean it – not even coffee outside most of the time, dinner out usually maybe once every two weeks to a month…we just aren’t interested in eating expensive and poor quality food. Nor are we interested in spending the money (especially on something we can easily make at home for a few dollars). So variety, amazing taste, cost (of ingredients), difficulty, and such, are all considerations. 

So. Tonight, I took a gamble on a stuffed acorn squash recipe (it is winter, after all!) recipe that sounded a little weird based on the ingredients (chipotle chicken, brown sugar, lots of spices, lime juice, couscous – or quinoa, spinach and no kidding, cheddar cheese(!) and OMG did it pan out! This thing was A-mazing. The only very small negative was that it took a lot of time/energy to put it together. If you’re a God, you could probably whip this up in the estimated time the person gave, but it took me about 2.5 hours (not a great choice for after a long day of work). There are six main steps, all of which are a little intense on their own. But boy, is this worth it!

I will be posting my modified version (you know me, I can’t possibly do a recipe exactly as it’s written) in the best few days. In the meantime, a couple of pics to tempt you in the meantime:    Acorn squash after first bake.

  Stuff the squash, add cheese, bake again.

   Sprinkle brown butter panko breadcrumbs over top, a little fresh cilantro, and YUM! 

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