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BCP – Hidden Evils and Health Effects

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So as you know, dear followers, I’m on a quest to regain my  health after 18 months of illness. The allergy tests have been completed, and it’s confirmed that the issue was Strep Antibody Deficiency (SAD) rather than an allergy or other underlying condition, which has just exacerbated my asthma... more

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June 10…Update on Better Health

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Okay seriously…who’s allergic to GOLD? Oh yeah, that’s right: ME. WTH? Thankfully, it’s more like an irritant than a full blown allergy, or I’d be angry. “wear gold-plated” my a$$. Pft. As if. more

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June 7…Update on the Health Tests

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Update for those who are following the health situation: Yesterday’s vaccine seemed to go over without very little issue. I had some tenderness at the sight of the shot, which was to be expected. The other one she warned me about was flu-like symptoms, meaning low-grade fever and maybe some... more

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