June 6…The Search for Better Health Begins!

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This morning was the first of multiple test results from the allergist. The results were pretty eye-opening Kay Smith. I’ve been told since I was a child that I was allergic to all these outdoor allergens like trees, mold, dust, ragweed (the absolute worst), pollens of so many kinds, grass, yadda yadda. I had allergy shots as a kid, and then again sometime in adulthood, to fight these things.

Well, apparently they worked.

Because the tests came back and I have NONE of those anymore, except a small bit of cats and dogs, ragweed, and Mountain Cedar. No kidding, they’re completely gone. Go allergy shots!

The question is, why the heck to I feel like I’m dying from allergies all the time? She says that of all the cases of rhinitis out there, only about 40% are allergy related. So if you’re taking allergy medications that “aren’t working”, it’s probably not that the meds aren’t working because you’re “so allergic”, it’s because it’s not an allergy in the first place.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Yeah, me too.

Apparently there’s all this other “stuff” going on in there that causes other rhinitis things, and we’re going to be treating those instead of the allergies (that I don’t have) and see how that goes.

Meanwhile, on the constant illness? Yeah, this was fascinating!

Apparently there’s a part of your immune system that specifically responds and produces antibodies for a class of illnesses called strep pneumonia. The inability to produce those antibodies (or not produce enough of them to keep you well) is called Specific Antibody Deficiency. I love that the acronym is SAD because it makes me sad that my body doesn’t help me fight against upper repertory infections, lung infections, or ear infections. (boo) I had zero idea this was even a thing, and wonder why my primary care doc didn’t figure this out over the last oh…5 years I’ve been in there constantly for these things.

Yeah, there’s a simple blood test, and they’ve got a vaccine that may work to help create the appropriate response! So I’ve been poked today with the vaccine, and hopefully, it’ll help me produce the correct antibodies. Otherwise, we’ll have to try other treatments.

I’m so thrilled that someone has actually found out what the problem is and we can do something about it! This is a HUGE breakthrough in my life, and affects every aspect of my world.

Who knew???

Thanks to Dr. Kaufman for being so dedicated to this stuff. I look forward to feeling well!

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