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Breaking Glass

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My mommy told me when I was a little girl that I could be President of the United States if I wanted it bad enough, but I found out along the way that that wasn’t true. I was born into pre-Title XI and had to fight for my right to... more

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June 7…Update on the Health Tests

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Update for those who are following the health situation: Yesterday’s vaccine seemed to go over without very little issue. I had some tenderness at the sight of the shot, which was to be expected. The other one she warned me about was flu-like symptoms, meaning low-grade fever and maybe some... more

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June 6…The Search for Better Health Begins!

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This morning was the first of multiple test results from the allergist. The results were pretty eye-opening Kay Smith. I’ve been told since I was a child that I was allergic to all these outdoor allergens like trees, mold, dust, ragweed (the absolute worst), pollens of so many kinds, grass,... more

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The Art of the Green Card

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Well, I can finally say we’re out of Immigration Hell for a couple of years – Naqeeb FINALLY got notification that he’s been approved for permanent residency! Yes, one year almost to the day, he’s finally legal. What a relief! This last two years has been, as you can imagine,... more

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Vocal Pause

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So I’m not sure if I mentioned, but my doc got sick of seeing me (that’s my guess, not what she said), so she put me on a steroidal inhaler in attempts of getting rid of this stupid cough once and for all. I told her I was trying to... more

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January 25, 2016, Random Thoughts

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I admit, I haven’t been here on the blog for a bit. I’ve been bogged down lately with work, illness, the holidays…I don’t know, the usual. I also wonder if there’s anyone out there, reading this thing, or if I’m just talking to myself. LOL. So I took a little... more

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Random Thoughts…12-23-15

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1. It took me 15 minutes to drive into work today. 8 miles, what normally takes me between 40-90 minutes on a normal day. I wish every commute was this fast. 2. There are about 25 people in the building today, a place where normally 23,000 people work. It’s quiet…too... more

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A Note on Cat Health/Cat Food

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You’re probably (still) thinking I’m nuts for delving into the world of making cat food. At first, so was I. I mean, there are tons of products out there, and I’ve had many, many cats over my lifetime, and they’ve all lived happy, healthy, long lives, right? Except that maybe... more

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Minor home “improvement”…?

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Yeah. So, some home “improvement” projects go smoothly and just as planned and look like this:    Then, a mere 12″ to the right, they turn into this:           And now, I’ll be returning to Lowe’s for Option #2, some spa kale and paint tomorrow. 😟 Nuff said. more

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Only One Option? Hmmm…Maybe…Maybe Not.

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I don’t know about you, but when I’m faced with a crossroads, I hate…HATE…being told by someone, “here’s your option…take it or leave it.” If you’ve ever met me (haha), you know I’m not the type of person to take things at face value or to believe that there’s ever... more

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