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Home made or store bought? Decisions (decisions) about spice mixes.

By: Christine Smith | 0 Comments | | Category: Blog, Economical, Food, Health

Have you ever read a recipe (perhaps even here) and thought, “Hmmmm…do I go all natural/authentic and make the spice mix myself or do I go the easy way and buy the mix? I wonder…” Well, I have gone, and continue to go, through this dilemma on almost a daily... more

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Soups for Fall! Yum!

By: Christine Smith | 0 Comments | | Category: Economical, Food, Health, Weekend

That’s right folks, this weekend will be all about soups! Fall weather means flu season, colds, cold noses, and lots of reasons to warm ourselves up from the inside out. I’ll be getting my Pho broth ready, making Thai soup, and maybe even some down home chili. Stay tuned if... more

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