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2 Soups at a Time = ?

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My nose is completely confused after cooking fish soup and pho broth at the same time. Can’t say I like the smells together, but it had to be done. Ever try Julia Childs’ fish soup? YUM. That said, it’s strangely subtle layering of flavor seems almost too subtle after weeks... more

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What makes you feel better when you’re sick?

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For some people, chicken noodle soup is their go-to when they’re sick. I admit to loving it too, but only home made, and not as much as two other favorites: 1. Tom Kaa Kai (chicken in coconut milk soup, which I learned how to make while I was in Thailand... more

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Test Kitchen Heaven!

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As you know, I’m always messing around in the kitchen, and looking for delicious and healthy recipes. We rarely eat out (I mean it – not even coffee outside most of the time, dinner out usually maybe once every two weeks to a month…we just aren’t interested in eating expensive and... more

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Jalapeños vs. Thai Chili Peppers

By: Christine Smith | 0 Comments | | Category: Blog, Food, Health

A few of my family and friends are cautiously wandering into the world of Asian food, interested in trying new things. Two of the biggest hindrances for most Americans when thinking about trying new foods are: 1) all the unfamiliar ingredients (and usually a lot of them!), and 2) hot... more

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Home made or store bought? Decisions (decisions) about spice mixes.

By: Christine Smith | 0 Comments | | Category: Blog, Economical, Food, Health

Have you ever read a recipe (perhaps even here) and thought, “Hmmmm…do I go all natural/authentic and make the spice mix myself or do I go the easy way and buy the mix? I wonder…” Well, I have gone, and continue to go, through this dilemma on almost a daily... more

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Soups for Fall! Yum!

By: Christine Smith | 0 Comments | | Category: Economical, Food, Health, Weekend

That’s right folks, this weekend will be all about soups! Fall weather means flu season, colds, cold noses, and lots of reasons to warm ourselves up from the inside out. I’ll be getting my Pho broth ready, making Thai soup, and maybe even some down home chili. Stay tuned if... more

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October 8, 2015

By: Christine Smith | 0 Comments | | Category: Blog, Breakfast, Food, Random Thoughts

I don’t know what happened this weekend, but I guess this is a lesson in the fact that even people who spend the majority of their free time hanging out in the kitchen forget some pretty basic things once in a while. First off, I slept like half the weekend... more

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