Breaking Glass

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My mommy told me when I was a little girl that I could be President of the United States if I wanted it bad enough, but I found out along the way that that wasn’t true. I was born into pre-Title XI and had to fight for my right to play sports. I had to fight to be in classes “for boys”. I was told I was bad for speaking up, trying to have a voice, participating. I was shown over and over again that women are “less than” men, undervalued, underpaid, underrepresented. We have to constantly be better, smarter, faster, more kind yet not soft or weak, hard but not rigid or shrill, proactive but not bossy, put up with more, get less, put up with constant harassment, manage family but not allow it to interfere with work, basically be a super hero to survive and succeed.

But never, EVER, will you ever be good enough to be President, because you’re not lucky enough to have been born a MAN.

Until, maybe, now.

I hope that every little girl now and in the future is allowed to realize their potential, no matter what it is that they aspire to, without bias, prejudice based on gender, color, sexual orientation, or anything other than the skills necessary for that position. This year, we’ve seen women finally be allowed into combat positions in the military (despite dying in combat for hundreds of years they’ve never been allowed the career benefits and opportunities until now). And now, our first real chance at President!

We will live in boxes designed by men no longer.

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